Thursday, 22 February 2007

Head of Department LCC Highways admits waste of Taxpayers Money

Recently a village in Lincolnshire was featured on BBC1s Central News which showed graphic shots of vehicles having to go onto the wrong side of the road to negotiate a particlarly badly placed island, causing very real dangers. The next shot was of LCC diggers demolishing the new island and the presenter interviewing Bryan Thompson (Head of Department LCC Highways) forcing him to admit that there had been a complete waste of £12000 of taxpayers' money.

Could this be the same Bryan Thompson who 'approved' Vision's one way system (which thankfully people pressure and the liaison group had squashed) has also forced the positioning of disabled parking places parallel to the kerb (against lots of advice and protests)? The same Brian Thompson who added insult to injury when he deeply offended the people attending the Town Forum recently ?- yes it is! Gives you a lot of confidence doesn't it?!

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