Friday, 27 April 2007

Pity your postman!

A weary please from this particular Yellow Bird, for those of you who have a letter box at foot level, preferably with a stiff brush behind it - do think of your postman! Every election time there are legions of party supporters of every political colour who return home with skinned fingers, aching backs and creaking knees having 'done their bit' for the party by delivering election leaflets. Amongst the worst letter boxes are definitely those at leprechaun level. The best are those lovely boxes fixed at eye level on the wall.

There are several categories of letter box. The aforementioned leprechaun special. The completely sealed up variety (how do they get any mail) the snap your fingers off, the 'I've got a dog who will bite your fingers off - we have a deliverer with a very short finger now, the very posh which takes ages to work out how to get your leaflet in (but looks classy), the non existent letter box (in the same catagory as the completely sealed), the reasonably kind type which can be hard to operate but doesn't scar you for life and the absolutely lovely easy to use, easy to reach post box on the wall.

Of course, some people would argue that they don't want any election literature but this is a democracy, if we don't all give you the opportunity to make your minds up on an informed level then we would be living in a dictatorship. That said, should the writer of this item be in charge of the country right now - the first new law would be to ban all letter boxes which didn't conform to the - yes of course, the delightful post box on the wall (especially if its got a pretty little hunting horn or carriage and four on it, or best of all - a yellow bird, very jolly).

Perhaps we should make this part of our manifesto - support your postmen/ladies - get a postperson user friendly letter box!

Mobile Phone Masts - Stamford LibDems lone battle

Your SKDC LibDem Councillors Maureen Jalili and Joyce Gaffigan, in their role as members of the Development Control Committee (Planning), have been fighting a lone battle along with some support from Independent councillors against Government regulations which requires them BY LAW to approve applications for MOBILE PHONE MASTS even when sited near SCHOOLS. They have consistently argued and voted against such applications on the basis that to vote in favour of them is to endorse them.

This absurd anomaly arose from the Conservative government's agreement with phone companies to cut planning controls for masts. Under the current ridiculous rules it is easier to get planning permission for a 15 metre mast than it is for a 5 metre conservatory.

This April LibDem Shadow Local Government Secretary, Andrew Stunnell MP, has presented a Bill to bring in the 'precautionary principle' giving extra safeguards for schools, homes and medical facilities from the risk of excessive radiation emitted.

Currently telecommunications companies can erect masts without going through the full planning procedure. All they have to do is to put one A4 notice up near to the site, ignoring local residents' concerns and disempowering local councillors.

PLEASE WRITE TO YOUR LOCAL MPs care of the House of Commons (in Stamford's case Mr. Quentin Davis) ASKING THEM TO SUPPORT THIS BILL.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Freedom of Information Act - this concerns us all

We decided to include this item because it affects everyone of us, although it is not specifically related to Stamford.
Conservative back-bench MP David Maclean is energetically pushing through a Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill which would exempt MPs from the Freedom of Information Act. This private members bill was slipped in late on a Friday afternoon and passed through the first stage virtually unopposed with the Government doing nothing to protect the Act.
On Friday 27th April, the Debate is set to continue Liberal Democrat MPs Norman Baker and Simon Hughes are spearheading the LibDem effort to stop the bill and have vowed to keep fighting to stop it becoming law.
Britain was amongst the last in Europe to introduce a legal right of access to public information, although it is the country where it is most widely used.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Triumph for Stamford Town Council

At a packed meeting held on Wednesday 11th, Stamford Town Council received a resounding vote of confidence. The meeting was called at the request of Mr. Gilman who claimed that he had the backing of thirty six Stamford voters (10 is the number required) to call for a referendum on the future of the Town Council. Mr. Gilman had circulated surveys around the Town since February. The meeting began at 7pm and ended at 7.10 pm when no one present supported Mr. Gilman’s call for a referendum.

What really happened and what could have happened? For those of you who are unclear about the significance of the call for a Referendum and what it was all about go to the NEWS DESK on our website and scroll down to TRIUMPH..
nb Mr Gilman did point out in his original letters that he does not live in Stamford, neither in fact does he live within SKDC. He also made it clear in his letter of 2nd February that the triggering factor was the application for planning permission by a majore retailer in Stamford to extend their retail park.

To be absolutely clear - the eventual result of Mr. Gilman's proposition would have been the abolition of Stamford Town Council.

Any questions - contact us through the blog, email us at: or or
telephone Cllr. Jalili on o1780 755655

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Wharf Road - who's telling Porkies?


We understand that the Environment Agency has strongly denied that it forced SKDC to begin decontamination work on Wharf Road car park this April.

Recently, we actively backed Stamford Traders in their urgent request to SKDC’s Portfolio holder Cllr John Smith and the SKDC Cabinet to delay commencement of the decontamination process until after completion of the Gateway project work in Red Lion Square and Sheep market which is causing such mayhem in the town. This request was flatly turned down by Cllr Smith and the SKDC Cabinet. However, it has now been ascertained that Cllr Smith’s insistence that SKDC were obliged to begin the work NOW was UNTRUE. The Environment Agency say that they made no such demand and that it could have been booked in for a later date.

Additionally, when it transpired that the Wharf Road decontamination work was now to be paid for by the East Midlands Development Agency, thus saving SKDC the £500,000 ring fenced for this purpose, LibDem Cllr Jalili asked for part of this money to be used to subsidise free parking for the duration of the Gateway works in order to attract visitors back into the Town for our beleaguered Stamford Traders.

This request was also turned down by Cllr Smith and the SKDC cabinet. No reason given!

A large demonstration was held on Tuesday 10th April in support of Stamford Traders - hopefully Cllr Smith and SKDC took note of this.
Any comments? Contact us on or the blog

Albert Bridge Update

Repainting time table

Repainting scheduled from June 18th to August 26th 2007
We asked the Lincolnshire Highways Agency on your behalf to try to keep one half of the bridge open for pedestrians during this period. This will not, of course, be possible during periods of shot blasting because of obvious safety concerns.
They hope that the work will be finished earlier than projected but this will be dependent on weather conditions and any unforeseen events. The refurbishment work cannot be carried out during the winter months owing to possible temperature and humidity conditions which can adversely affect the properties of the paint when it is being applied to steel/iron structures
The bridge was last repainted in 1982, but this was not the refurbishment that is now sorely needed. The Highways authorities were most understanding and we are sure that they will carry out a superb job on this beautiful bridge.
Please bring it to our attention if you feel that things are not going to plan. email:

Monday, 9 April 2007

Spring 2007 Liberal Democrats Focus Newsletter

The latest newsletter is now online at the main web site. This issue covers:

  • Local Democracy?
  • Planning
  • Parish Referendum
  • Town Council
  • Policing & Crime
  • Community Corner
  • Did you know?
  • News from Europe
  • Your LibDem Councillor
  • Ball Park
  • Grumble Sheet

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