Sunday, 22 April 2007

Triumph for Stamford Town Council

At a packed meeting held on Wednesday 11th, Stamford Town Council received a resounding vote of confidence. The meeting was called at the request of Mr. Gilman who claimed that he had the backing of thirty six Stamford voters (10 is the number required) to call for a referendum on the future of the Town Council. Mr. Gilman had circulated surveys around the Town since February. The meeting began at 7pm and ended at 7.10 pm when no one present supported Mr. Gilman’s call for a referendum.

What really happened and what could have happened? For those of you who are unclear about the significance of the call for a Referendum and what it was all about go to the NEWS DESK on our website and scroll down to TRIUMPH..
nb Mr Gilman did point out in his original letters that he does not live in Stamford, neither in fact does he live within SKDC. He also made it clear in his letter of 2nd February that the triggering factor was the application for planning permission by a majore retailer in Stamford to extend their retail park.

To be absolutely clear - the eventual result of Mr. Gilman's proposition would have been the abolition of Stamford Town Council.

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