Friday, 27 April 2007

Pity your postman!

A weary please from this particular Yellow Bird, for those of you who have a letter box at foot level, preferably with a stiff brush behind it - do think of your postman! Every election time there are legions of party supporters of every political colour who return home with skinned fingers, aching backs and creaking knees having 'done their bit' for the party by delivering election leaflets. Amongst the worst letter boxes are definitely those at leprechaun level. The best are those lovely boxes fixed at eye level on the wall.

There are several categories of letter box. The aforementioned leprechaun special. The completely sealed up variety (how do they get any mail) the snap your fingers off, the 'I've got a dog who will bite your fingers off - we have a deliverer with a very short finger now, the very posh which takes ages to work out how to get your leaflet in (but looks classy), the non existent letter box (in the same catagory as the completely sealed), the reasonably kind type which can be hard to operate but doesn't scar you for life and the absolutely lovely easy to use, easy to reach post box on the wall.

Of course, some people would argue that they don't want any election literature but this is a democracy, if we don't all give you the opportunity to make your minds up on an informed level then we would be living in a dictatorship. That said, should the writer of this item be in charge of the country right now - the first new law would be to ban all letter boxes which didn't conform to the - yes of course, the delightful post box on the wall (especially if its got a pretty little hunting horn or carriage and four on it, or best of all - a yellow bird, very jolly).

Perhaps we should make this part of our manifesto - support your postmen/ladies - get a postperson user friendly letter box!

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