Friday, 27 April 2007

Mobile Phone Masts - Stamford LibDems lone battle

Your SKDC LibDem Councillors Maureen Jalili and Joyce Gaffigan, in their role as members of the Development Control Committee (Planning), have been fighting a lone battle along with some support from Independent councillors against Government regulations which requires them BY LAW to approve applications for MOBILE PHONE MASTS even when sited near SCHOOLS. They have consistently argued and voted against such applications on the basis that to vote in favour of them is to endorse them.

This absurd anomaly arose from the Conservative government's agreement with phone companies to cut planning controls for masts. Under the current ridiculous rules it is easier to get planning permission for a 15 metre mast than it is for a 5 metre conservatory.

This April LibDem Shadow Local Government Secretary, Andrew Stunnell MP, has presented a Bill to bring in the 'precautionary principle' giving extra safeguards for schools, homes and medical facilities from the risk of excessive radiation emitted.

Currently telecommunications companies can erect masts without going through the full planning procedure. All they have to do is to put one A4 notice up near to the site, ignoring local residents' concerns and disempowering local councillors.

PLEASE WRITE TO YOUR LOCAL MPs care of the House of Commons (in Stamford's case Mr. Quentin Davis) ASKING THEM TO SUPPORT THIS BILL.

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